Fun stop motion videos to create magical product and food content

This holiday season- create fun and festive stop motion videos using simple tools!

I was able to use programs like the Nikon Snap Bridge app ( ) to shoot remotely from my Nikon Z6 held by a basic tripod. (Having a tripod or even a still image is so important!)

Here is a cheap one online:

To the left, I had a Godox ad-200 with a 2 feet beauty dish and a white bounce board on the opposite side from Home Depot. (You can also use a window light or video light!)

Link to flash:

Link to soft box:

Link to light stand:

Link to adapter for light:

Link to remote:

Link to video light: GVM LED Video Light CRI97+ with...

Link to video light diffuser: Glow EZ Lock Collapsible Silver...