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My favorite headshot outfits and poses to make your brand stand out!

We're going to talk about my top favorite headshot poses and outfits of the last couple years to help you learn to help you pose, better to help you choose your outfits and all of the things that I love about shooting and empowering people.

And so, one of my top favorite questions I get is like,

“what should I wear?”

“I'm really awkward.”

“What should I do with my hands?”

And so coming up with an outfit that matches your brand and matches the message that you want to portray.

Because remember you're going to use these photos for a long time.

So you want to be able to have it be The generic enough to be able to be used and repackaged.

So plain colors work, best neutral colors work best, but you don't want them to be too flashy show so that you can't recycle the content and use them over and over again- unless you really, really just want to break all the rules-you just love, living it up and go for it. Awesome.

But most of my clients can only do, like, quarterly or yearly headshot Refreshers for their marketing and media.

And so they are having to do, very simple outfits, very simple neutral colors in order to repackage and reuse a lot of their stuff

So a lot of times I'm working with health and wellness with Fitness, a lot of these things have to do with a lot of motion.

A lot of, you know, punching and jumping and food that they have and weightlifting and so trying to get outfits that are comfortable- so you're not in a miniskirt trying to do health and wellness, okay?

You have to think about your audience and what kind of pose and then you're going to do.

If you're looking for like a LinkedIn, professional headshot, maybe a suit, maybe a suit jacket would be appropriate.

And so you have to think about what kind of message are you trying to send, who's your ideal client, what kind of job are you going to use these for?

They're going to be for a book cover and they're going to be for your real estate license?

Are they going to be for just general purpose for your Instagram, for your YouTube channel, for your thumbnails?

So you have to think through and talk to me or talk to whoever is doing your photos about your goals for these for these photos- because it would do you no good to pay the money and to get a great wonderful session- that you can't really use them because they're not really what the look that you want.

And so make sure location is a part of that.

If you're a podcaster, may we go to a co-working space or a podcast Studio or we set up a little office space somewhere in your home

So if you're a author but that stay homes with your kids .

So why don't we have you writing with your kids or blogging with your kids?

If you are a realtor, why don't we stand in front of a model house?

You know, try to get in the places and spaces that you are going to use best.

For a lot of people, a white background simple black or white background with a plain colored shirt with neutral color is just general purpose, if you don't know, what you are going to use them for.

You want to throw it out there in the internet, throw it on your LinkedIn, throwing your acting headshots?

Just try to have something simple, easy clean.

You have a certain look or certain brand colors think through that.

And so if you have a particular Vibe on your Instagram, like your neutral tones or pink, or pastels, whatever- dress like you would want to put them on your profile.

You can match all of your other look and

all of your branded stuff on your website.

So think about website colors- think about Instagram colors, and what they say about your brand colors- your logo colors and more.

If you're representing your company, if you're not representing, anybody just to something neutral.

If you are thinking about doing a beach shoot, don't be in stilettos.

I mean, these are just some basic things that's going to help you be successful.

Probably two or three outfit changes is enough.

I love it When girls wear jeans Pants because then we can have places for the hands.

So it's always like Awkward- “Where do i put my hands?”

So, having props- having glasses, having a mug, having a phone to talk, having a computer, a laptop and iPad to look at having a hat, having balloons to hold something is going to help.

You tell a story with these photos.

It's gonna help you to be able to show your clients what you do.

Show your clients, how you do it, whether it be talking to clients, virtual assisting, making a cake, blogging or youtubing whatever.

Let's bring some of his personality into the photos into the photo session with the posing, with the lighting and with whatever!

So those are my little helpful tips. Hopefully that helps you!

Need headshots? I have been voted top portrait photographers in Hampton Roads for several years.

I would love to talk to you about your needs!

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