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summertime art activity: shoe coloring and creation

One of our favorite summertime activities is decorating our own matching shoes on field trips and outings. Not only are they fun to create, but I can spot my kids easier.

We were able to get our shoes from a local Walmart for less than $15, but it is difficult to always find them in season. So getting them to try online is a good option as well. It’s still a little bit cheaper option to do this than to go to Michael’s or another hobby store.

Canvas shoes here on Amazon:


If your child needs help drawing, getting them and coloring or drawing book is a really good option to practice.

Animal drawing book


Don’t forget about your drawing materials:

I prefer larger tip sharpies- they are able to be very bold in color and able to fill up very large spaces.

Sharpie pack:


You might prefer saving a couple extra dollars and getting a combination of find tip and micro tip. See the link here to these offbrand

permanent markers:


If you have some boys that also wanna create, there’s a few options of shoes that they can pick from as well. There’s entire YouTube channels of just people that customer issues so this is a great learning activity as well.

Men’s shoes:


If your child needs more help with stencils these are some great options that I found online: Splatter stencils:


I love the ability to blend in shape as we are blending colors together. Fabric paint pens:


Make sure you get a clear coat of spray paint that protects your shoes:

I would love to see what you guys are creating this summer to make memories with your kids!

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