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The greatest lie we believe about ourselves

  1. You are only worthy/ good enough/ talented enough when you have reached ______milestone

Life is a never ending stair case of new skills, new experiences, new knowledge, new connections- there is no “final” destination, there is no “I’ll be happier if ______” happens.

New goals and visions are constantly on the horizon.

Just start- where you are.

Everyone is on a different path and journey. Stop listening to people who have chosen to stop their race to heckle at you- at least you are making movement

and striving- pushing through the hardship. They don’t know your journey to get where you are- so stop listening to them.

You are NOT a failure if you don’t reach ______ milestone by a certain time.

Most actors and writers don’t even start their career until their 40’s. Age is just a number. It’s how you are conquering each season with grace and constantly learning through it all that matters.

You might be tempted to look over to someone else that seems to be doing the exact same thing as you and say “How come they get to do _____” and “How come I can’t do _____.”

You don’t know the sacrifice, the loss and the behind-the-scenes that goes into them being them. They might have different resources, different energy levels snd different support than you.

Social media is a poilished 1% of what ACTUALLY happens in their life. You don’t see their mental health struggles, you don’t see their tears at night, or the messy house.

Just be you. There is only one you in this entire universe.

Stop worry about followers, influence and success. At the end of life- the only thing that matters is what you did with talent and love you were given- how you made the world a better place.

When everything goes back in the box- did you live your life the best you could? Was character and grace displayed in your life?

Was there a ripple effect with people influenced by your life and compassion?

That’s all we can hope for in this world- being responsible for the part we have been given and making the world more hopeful and loving in the process.

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