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What do you do when you receive a photo biz inquiry? Take this quiz!

Do you

✅A: send them a pdf magazine with all your prices?

✅B: send them a contract and booking form with a deposit?

✅C: set up a in-person/zoom chat pre consult where you talk through your expertise, your vision, show your past work and talk starting pricing?

🎉 if you said “C” then you’re right!

Make sure that you get to know your clients and talk through your process and have them trust you before you talk about all the legal wording in the contact

(Speaking of which- need help setting up one- see my full blog here 👇🏽👇🏽

FREE contract and deposit resources for your photo biz

👉 you might want to build an Intake website where’re they can see your work, see your starting pricing and ask questions during the chat:

See an example here if my real website form for brides here:

💻 Don’t have a website- see my $8 hack here:


What other ideas work for your business!

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