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you can start a
business as a


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want your kid to learn the
basics of starting a business?

download this 34 page printable

interactive workbook

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it's not just a book

Get Ready

to get creative

Learn how to mentor your child to start and run a successful beginner business idea. Over 25 doodle friendly interactive pages to help your student start off on the right foot. 

Simple Plans

to start, plan and budget your own venture

Work with an adult mentor to get started on the right foot

charts and scribble pads 

to help you brainstorm your business name, branding ideas, classes to learn and more! 

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co-written by a real kid boss

Read about Alyvia's business challenges, tips and her favorite ways to market

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oh yes!
I want to buy the book!

valued at $15.00
but on sale for 50% off

50% off with code "startmybiz" 

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