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10 hustles you can start from home on your couch

Want to make extra cash sitting at home? Don’t put all your business cash in ONE option... because if the world shuts down again like it did during COVID-19, you will need muiltiple passive income streams that are still chugging along even though you can’t leave your home.

👉🏼Sell information with products:

Write DIY Ebooks for FREE (www.lulu.con)

Start a webinar (paid subscription) (

👉🏼Teach classes online:

👉🏼Sell physical products, digital products and merchandise (paid and free options)

👉🏼Become a virtual assistant by posting for other companies through social media, creating Facebook/instagram ads and blogging for other business can give you an extra $300-$1000 a month depending on your scope of services.

👉🏼Become a freelance artist, designer, animator, website manger and more:

👉🏼Be an e-translator:

👉🏼Teach English

👉🏼Start an amazon affiliate store and sell & review products on a blog. to get started

This can go hand-in-hand with a YouTube/Facebook channel and and make triple money with ad placement.

👉🏼do consulting for different companies on marketing, running a business or other cool options over zoom or other virtual video chatting programs

👉🏼start a podcast for free talking about your business and getting guest collaborators

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