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3 life lessons I’ve learned after 10+ years of Homeschooling

Life lessons I have learned from home schooling kids for ten plus years.

❤️Number one, you gotta pace yourself.

It is a marathon, not a Sprint.

You cannot expect to get all of this stuff done and have all these goals met with in the first year. Or you going to have burn out year one.

❤️Number two, you got to take care of your body and your physical mind as a mom. You need to take care of your mental state and mental health. You have got to learn to love working out. You have to Learn to eat healthy. -Really keep that energy sustained energy. Because you are the thermostat of the attitudes in the house. You become the thermostat of everybody else’s emotional wellness.

❤️number 3: please have low expectations when it comes to academics.

I have a master's degree in education and might as well just throw that out the window because I have learned that my kids are all these different places, all these different levels and I have to just meet them at their level.  If they're not ready to enter into a new skill set, I have to be okay with just come back to it- come back later. It’s have learn to do something else. I have learned that it’s Literally throwing all the grades and ABC grading scale out the window. I just have to do whatever they want to do at their interest level and make it fun. Then it's all going to pan out then.

So, if you've been homeschooling for a long time, for more than five years, please comment below.

If you're new home School parent-Welcome to the crazy town, Welcome to the Jungle!

And if you have any questions on homeschooling would love to comment below.

👏Hello! I’m Christal Marshall homeschool Mama of three!

📕we have been doing homeschooling for ten plus years and I left being a public school teacher with a M.Ed. to do so!

❤️Now our family is full time self-employed artists and creators!

💡We would love for you to hop on website for more info and free resources!

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