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9 top favorite hourly studio rental photography spaces venues in Hampton Roads

In the dynamic world of photography, the choice between renting and owning a studio space is a decision that can significantly impact both your creative journey and your financial stability. With the rise of freelance photographers and the ever-evolving demands of clients, the question of whether to rent or own a studio space has become more relevant than ever. While owning a studio space might seem like a dream come true, there are several compelling reasons to consider renting instead, particularly when it comes to saving money

We have compiled our favorite and most creative rental rooms, warehouses, venues and even garages to help you with your artistic vision in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, suffolk, Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Checkout their peer space description:

"The example of don’t judge a book by its cover. This space is perfect if you’re looking for a unique and special place to work in. Great features are the indoor garden, macrame and wicker swings, greenery panels, moveable accent furnishings and a revamped Bonus Room. As your host I love adding special welcoming gifts such as fresh veggies from my garden, snacks and refreshments. Custom Offers are available if you need multiple days. This space layout is simple and very easy to work with and work in. Beautiful lighting especially in the indoor garden area, if you need me to rearrange anything before your booking let me know and I’ll accommodate you. You’re more than welcome to bring outside food or furnishings and if you have any more questions feel free to message me and I’ll get back with you shortly. Cheers to adventures !"

Checkout their "About us" page their website:

Here at Virginia Beach Studios, we offer dedicated spaces for various creative purposes, such as photography, film production, art projects, classes, workshops and more. These studios are equipped with specialized equipment, lighting setups, backdrops, and other amenities necessary for specific creative endeavors. Rental options vary, allowing individuals or groups to book the space for a specific duration, typically by the hour or day. We provide 3 spacious Rooms. These rental studios provide a controlled environment that allows artists, photographers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals to work in a dedicated space tailored to their needs, fostering creativity and productivity.

We've got the perfect space for you!

Looking for a bright and private space to welcome your newborns? Or perhaps you need something more rustic, vintage or industrial style.No matter what vision you have in mind - we've got it all! Our studios are designed with multiple customizable settings perfect for portrait sessions, workshops, business meetings or any other sort of gathering that needs an inspiring setting.Take some time to explore both of our studios and all they have to offer.Our home is your home! Come visit us and be inspired!

Rent a set Virginia Beach and Norfolk

Read about their vision on their website:

We pride

ourselves on being

the best rental studio experience in VA BEACH.

Our competitive rates, central location and amazing amenities make us a photographer’s dream studio.

We work out of our privately-owned converted 500 square foot building on our 1/2 acre wooded yard for all sorts of creative projects

We also have tons of outdoor interactive sets and a custom-built glamping wagon on site.

Read about their "about us" page on their website:

The Studio at City Center offers a fully versatile, professional photography studio experience on the Hampton Roads Peninsula.

Coffee bar area with Keurig, wifi, Television with HDMI and smart capabilities, kitchenette, spacious restrooms and ample parking top off the perfect client experience.

True Collective: 757

True Collective is a photography rental studio based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our all-inclusive studio is a complete studio with everything you need to bring your ideas to life. Your rental includes items that all Professionals and Creatives should have on their set. Every rental will include (3) Interfit Honey Badger Battery Operated Strobes, C-Stands, Lighting Modifiers, Cyclorama Wall, Background paper in a variety of colors, and much more.

Geared towards commercial photography and video work. The space is a private commercial photography and video studio located 5 minutes from Downtown Norfolk. A 15ft loading allows for gear trucks to be backed into the building for gear load out into the studios custom built 8ft garage. 17ft tall ceilings allow artists to boom lights and backdrops high above subject. 2 windows flood the far corner of the space with natural light (best lighting in the early morning). The space comes with a handful of modifiers including (x2) 20”/51” strip soft boxes with Honeycomb Grids 7’ silver umbrella with diffusion A 3-light Flashpoint AD600 Strobe Kit is available for rent upon arrival at location. A tether kit (Macbook Air, TetherTools cable, Lightroom, Client monitor) is available for rent upon arrival at location.

Studio Muse

Studio Muse is a multi-use venue and experimental design studio. Our new highly arrayed, ever evolving space, where we aim to set the tone, features specially curated furniture and art in a naturally lit interior. The canvas is yours – just bring the muse.

Are you in Hampton, Roads Virginia? Looking for an affordable space to rent per hour? 25/hour weekdays, 35/hour weekends Follow us on IG for a local studio rental space: @virginiaphotosandfilms Or go to to see more about rental info! #757photographer #757photography #chesapeakeva #chesapeakephotographer #virginiabeach #vabeach #visitvabeach #visitchesapeakeva #chesapeakevirginia #visitnorfolkva #norfolkva #757smallbusiness

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