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Are usb sticks dead? How are you delivering galleries?

Guys, are we still delivering USB sticks to clients?

Is this a thing?

Because I saw one of my groups somebody was like “I'm having problems with getting a USB stick..”

You shouldn't really be doing this in 2022.

You shouldn't really be doing USB sticks anymore.

If you want to deliver digital files and you do a USB stick - you are losing out on recurring income throughout the year.

Use all of these other companies.

Because what you can do Is when it's Christmas, when it's Mother's Day, when is Valentine's day. Then send out a 25% off coupon code or whatever.

You can email, you can do an email blast to the people have signed up for your sessions.

You can say, “hey order, your prints.”

“Now they are 35% off.”

You can you can shoot them in May, June, or July, and you can send out a coupon code for November and December.

Now, you're getting more money off of the session that you shot with them.

Where if you do a USB stick, then it's “oh, here's one and done. Then there's your photos. Okay, forever.”

Then you don't get these recurring clients. You, don't get these recurring orders.

They will see you online and say “this person again!” Oh my gosh, I got to order!”

Now- they're on your email list or texting list.

They will will say “oh I got to book them! I got to book them!”

and so you're always on their brain, you're always on their mind.

Guys, USB sticks might be dead.

What do you think? Comment below. I'd love to hear what you guys are doing for your clients.

Personally, I haven't use a USB stick and like 10 Years.

digital galleries or where it is.

If you're a video filmmaker, Like me, I'm delivering through my video files through Dropbox,

you know, that kind of thing.

So let me know what you guys are using.

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