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business owners: know your four types of social media posts to get leads!

Know the Four types of social media posts for small businesses:

40% 📣Educational/ tutorial

“How to do…”

“Let’s learn about this.”

“I’ll show you my tricks”

BTS, hands-on

40% 📣Informational

Stats, numbers, methods and teaching/workshops- talking about something

10% 📣Portfolio

Slideshow/carousel of images/work/latest products

“See my latest work”

“So privileged to shoot/work with”

10% 📣promotions/sales

-coupon codes/ sales/ specials for holidays

…📣bonus posts: reposting or sharing to stories from other artists (use the free repost app) to grow your account

-new feature- collab with other artists through tagging and collaboration features on Instagram




Bonus posts: giveaways prizes and contests

📣✅ bonus posts: client reviews and stories



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