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Creative phone video tips to know for your kids, family and clients

Afraid that you’re never going to be able to have some creative video content with your kids with just your mobile phone?

The biggest myth that I love to bust on my social media profiles that I’m able to build five businesses full-time with the latest in devices in gear

I’m actually using a four year old phone and older lens is to create all of my content from my clients and family.

Here are some tips to better mobile video of your family, loved ones and the same principles can be applied for media contact for businesses!

✅Change your angle. Lay low to the ground, don’t be afraid to get dirty or in the grass to get a really interesting angle

✅ use the slow mo function on your phone a lot to get some really cool slow action shots that look really epic!

✅ move very slow and steady in one direction to get a slow pan effect

✅tell a story by stitching your continent together using one of my favorite apps @videoleap_by_lightricks

✅create an epic slideshow filled with effects and really cool music- my favorite app for this @beatleap_by_lightricks

✅ take several shots of one thing so that way you can pick from the best

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