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Do photos and videos

This is your sign to learn video as a photographer!

Have multiple skill sets

Stop running the rat race like every one else and do this that create your own races!

If you follow Facebook groups- you’ll see 100 photographers post for a job, but I could barely find ANYONE to photograph and video a surprise engagement… everyone I asked was so out of their budget or lack of audio equipment.

If you are a photographer Learn how to do video! Not only upsell your own value- but provide a service that not a lot of people can do!

There might be a million photographers in a town- but very few video and photo artists!

Combine that with graphic design and marketing skills - and you will stay busy ALL year and NEVER have an off-season!

Take classes if you must- use to learn some basics. Create multiple side hustles- set yourself a part so no one can touch you!

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