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Do this instead of using Linktree

You can only use ONE link on your bio on IG, so it’s tempting to use a service like Milkshake Universe or LinkTree -

but these are limited apps- promising A gorgeous layout, but then to open up all the features, you have to pay the same as a website!

If you already use a website service to show clients what you do in your business, stop using these additional companies!

Stop using link tree Linktree if you already have a website!

✅you could be paying for a service that you already pay for!

✅you could be taking people away from your branding and marketing efforts

✅the longer people are on your website, the more services they will see!

✅have a pop up to capture emails or a hat feature with your company if this is available for when people hop on!

📣don’t a website? Use spark page Adobe Spark or for FREE to build one! Then buy an $8 domain from or to content your free page to! (Have a branded name to a free website!)

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