Don't fall for these scams- marketing 101

Ever received an email that says something like “ Buy ad space in our magazine” or “sponsor a hole at the local golf course”

Stop burning $200-$300 worth of add money on something like that- if you have a random two to $300 laying around spend it on targeted ads — or actually grow your ambassador program with one-on-one people having them share stories for you!

I find the most effective and memorable marketing tack is making actual connections one-on-one with people


I started at my church. I was there with my camera for every event, every potluck- setting up a photobooth on-site for free pictures- passing out my business card.

After some time, people started to relate me, my face and my camera everywhere.

You might not be a religious person, but maybe asking to take pictures for your local dance class, the kid’s Soccer team, the dance club, your favorite local restaurant- whatever niche you think would be the best place to find ideal clients.


social media is king, but using it to your advantage is tricky. I requested over 500 friends from people at my church and their acquaintances so that I can start posting on my personal page about my business more than the actually business page. For those that don’t know- Facebook- at least -is known for filtering out business stuff and raising friend‘s Events higher in the timeline.

Then about once a month, I host some kind of live broadcast or write a helpful article like this to give away some “free“ content. The more you post, the more people learn to recognize you and trust you.