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Don’t give up.

Life is full of dead ends- or what you think are dead ends-

Step back and see that it might be just a obstacle to your goal and not the end -

Even your little child-self could solve any maze- see the bird’s view and hop around it- solve it backwards, climb through it, or even ask for help.

Sometimes life is like that- you might not see the way at first- it seems blocked.

Think of it in a new way- climb over it with the help of others, turn it upside down and see it from a different perspective.

Get help with it- be creative with it.

There is no impossibilities that can’t eventually be solved. It might take practice, discipline, teamwork, years of brainstorming- but it can be done.

So when life gives you dead ends- don’t give up- solve it a new way- try another door- knock down a wall- whatever it takes to get through.

That’s the difference between dreamers and doers.

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