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Don’t have your goal as a freelance photographer, or artist, create passive and bread-and-butter incomes. Instead, learn how.

🎉🎉Small business tip of the day.

If you are looking at being a freelance artist Creator-

❌❌My suggestion is freelance is not the goal.

✅✅The goal is automated billing subscription & passive incomes.

Your goal should only be 10 to 15% of your income should be freelance income.

Those are that's the going out money, the vacation money the fun, money, the creative project money

🎉🎉try to do subscription-based work-  for example :

You're going out every month to go do business head shots, business content and product content-  and people have you on a auto bill subscription business options


🏠start creating passive income streams, like selling merch through tee public, Society 6 red bubble

🎉🎉create  E-classes

🎉🎉create preset downloads.

✅✅Those are the goals

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ so that you can be more free in your time,  travel- have vacation time and not burn yourself out.

So if you have any other questions on business on marketing , on photography based stuff, I would love to help you!

🏠🏠DM me if you have any questions comments concerns.


New year, new business Branding packages are live!!!

Need designs, photos or landing pages for your business? ✅wix Landing pages start at $200!

✅ headshots and photography start at $225

✅videos/interviews and montages  start at $225/hour

✅ custom sign design starts at $25/hour

✅logos start at $125


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