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Everything you need to know about DIY websites in one minute

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

You might be tempted to spend a lot of money early on in your business to make an amazing and expensive website and hire a professional

Yes! you can do that!

But…. for most DIY and service-based small businesses like photographers, handyman and other entrepreneurs- buying an expensive website and I’ll get you locked into working with expensive designers early on.

I’m gonna teach you some of my favorite tricks to lead your potential customers through your site in a very easy and concise way so that they don’t get lost, they know exactly what you do and want to book you within 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

Most people are scrolling on their phone waiting in lines for buses, Starbucks and other short attention span’s. 80 to 85% of them are looking on their mobile device.

So you really need to have an image rich, easy flow to capture peoples information within seconds.

Get a free website from places like, www.square or Adobe express to start you out and buy a $8 domain from to connect it.

Then start adding one big image, tag lines d “book now button” as soon as they hop on- no guesswork and no hunting!

Write up a sentence or two about why you’re passionate about what you do maybe with a small picture of yourself. (add your full bio on another page)

List some services that you provide with a small tagline and a “book now button” on each service. (add the details of each service on another page)

Throw in one or two testimonials from your favorite clients to sweeten the deal!

Then talk about how people can contact you and where they can follow you online.

That’s it! Make it easy to read, simple, concise and professional looking by adding some custom graphic elements in your color scheme from Canva. Use one to two fonts only and don’t do BIG paragraphs of text!

Remember, people are only on your website for a few seconds, so you want them to get in and contact you as soon as possible so that you can get their information!

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