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feeling discouraged as a business owner?

This is your daily reminder that you don't have to have it all together to be successful.

Or to make progress, you can literally just start, just do the thing.

Some days are going to be awesome and you're going to feel on top of the world.

And some days are gonna be like, "What am I doing?"

You know, I've been self-employed for 12 years, raising kids home schooling.

Some days, it is awesome.

And we're cooking along- some days.

I'm like, Not feeling it and it's okay.

It's okay to feel that way.

It's okay to not to be in the place that you want to be in the future.

It's okay to have goals and to want to pursue those goals.

But it's okay to be at a place where you're In a waiting Zone in a holding pattern.

And be okay with that season two.

It's okay if you're in a learning season, if you're in a growing season, if you're in a connecting season, if you're in a networking season.

Every season is different.

You might be seven years in a networking connection season, but then the next season, you're raking in all the Harvest of all that networking connection.

True story- clients and family members have had that.

You might be in a waiting season where you don't see a lot of phone calls.

This is Life. Okay.

Seasons- Ebbs and flows.

Hold on. It's coming.

It's coming.

People know you're around.

People see your stuff. You stay consistent. You get up every day. You start posting for your business, even if you don't see the sales, even if you don't see the bookings.

Post- regardless, do the thing regardless.

It will come.

People know you. people see stuff, people see the things you're doing.

You might be, like, "Why is my phone not ringing?"

Don't worry, stay consistent.

Stay on time.

Is the discipline posting for your business.

It's a discipline talking about your business, okay?

Running a business is like losing weight, okay?

It is sometimes, slow going.

Sometimes it is, you don't really know.

You can't really see progress, but stay consistent.

That's what you can control.

You can control what you do, your mentality, and the choices you make. That's all you can control.

I know, because I was 60 pounds overweight four years ago, and it's just been a four-year process, being disciplined.

Getting up every morning doing my routine during my calorie thing.

Having you know- choices of foods that I eat- saying no to things.

Putting up boundaries about things- that same with this business, it's the same.

Putting up boundaries- saying no, disciplining yourself- learning a new skill, talking to the right people, posting at a particular time being you know online a certain time, fulfilling what you need to do, fulfilling the job.

That's all just discipline, it's just discipline.

It's just doing the thing even though it's hard, even though it sucks.

And you're going to see results because, just like losing weight, just like looking good looking tight. It will come.

If you stay consistent and you say positive, it will come- same as with growing your business.

So that's my little thought today, just to encourage you that sometimes it's hard and 90% of life is just discipline and showing up And staying on top of your goals, 10% is reaping, the benefits of that.

Having that feeling- that high- that motivation, you know, feeling good about it or feeling, like you're a success.

90% of ice is under the surface.

Cooking where nobody's seeing you- being anonymous, putting in those hours, putting in the time, put in the energy.

Nobody sees that.

They see that 10%.

They see the little you know, trophy or the award or whatever that you're doing.

But that ninety percent under the surface- that staying up late and that getting it done and getting the work done and getting your name out there and learning the skill, learning the trade.

Nobody sees that.

It's you against you.

You trying to Move up in your knowledge and in your skill set.

So anyway, guys, this is just me pushing through today. I want to encourage you, peace out. Have a good one.--

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