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get leads while you sleep- resources for photographers, freelancers and creators

We all know that posting social media is super important. However, there is not any of those platforms. Any of the, the tile-tok, and Instagram that actually give you real leads to your email. So when you wake up, you have a leads that you can actually call or email or text actual real clients that are looking for your services.

look into BARK like (

like wedding wire,

gig salad, get on those things, become a marketing ninja, put all of your services down. All of your headshots, your weddings, your photo booths, every single service that you provide and put them on those things. Guess what you get leads when you wake up every single morning- I get four or five leads. I have to just ignore them and get so many leads and I'm shooting them in private groups. And I'm tagging people go talk to these people because I can't handle all the stuff. All right, Pro tip guys, Pro tip. . .

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