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Head shot posing and background ideas for women- pro tips for photoshoots

Okay. We are with a female entrepreneur. Who is Reinventing herself- starting over in a new season of Life, wanting to refresh some of our content.

Her colors are blue and yellow. So we have a beautiful blue backdrop here, the white classy for everybody looks good on everybody.

I have a little sitting posing table here that we can just roll up. She can do some arm Poses there.

We have a cool little plant corner here. That's I love this texture. Great for a lot of different reasons but if we want to remove it we can just Just put it on the set.

Now I have a white backdrop, classy for everybody love these little chairs hedge wall. Looks great on everybody. Looks very natural and familiar, very great with women.

We have here, the brick wall brick Corner. Super fun, classy. Very Urban set, if you want that outdoor look without going outside. Looks awesome.

And we have, of course, the neon Corner which everybody loves all time for podcasters and all sorts of Fun musician, looks there and just a Party Corner.

Talking about celebration of life and we love it

Here’s a little bit of a trick to diffuse the light even more, I could be shooting light directly off the ceiling bouncing it off the ceiling. To literally just do like a halo effect for the entire wall is blown out. The entire background is blown out.

So every single thing that we have little to no Shadows if I want to do a Bare Bulb on that light into the same thing over there, that's a really great tool even without buying extra modifiers, you Us Point them in different directions. Take off modifiers, shoot bear, bulb, do all sorts of things without having to buy new equipment. it's just about changing the direction of the light and the softness, and that kind of thing.

Even my lens Choice, my lunch choice is going to be intentional. Today, I'm going to be shooting with a 50 and at 85, and I'm doing that for a reason because for some of my fashion people and my music artists that come in here or business people,

I'm going to have the full body. So I want the 35, I want the 24, I want the elongated leg look but for a female who wants to really emphasize her eyes and her smile and where I'm shooting down on her to to elongate the neck.

I'm going to make sure that my lens choice is very intentional and I'm not doing a lot of full body. I want to do more headshot, more close, crop and more detail shots

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