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How much money does a stay-at-home-mom save her family over the 12 years of her kids school years?

If you’re a stay-at-home mom and you’re a homeschooler and it’s really hard to like be at home all the time and you feel like you’ve been demoted to Motherhood, let me tell you some stats of what I’ve learned from the past 12 years, being a stay-at-home homeschool mom.

1.) daycare:

So the average cost of daycare for a kid in America is $60 per day.

I have three kids so to bring them up to age 5, it would be me.

Saving three hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars. ($328,000)

2.) summer camps

I am saving money on summer camps because I’m home all summer. So if I put my kids in a summer camp, all summer for 12 years it would be $128,000,

3.) private education:

I’m saving my family, I have a master’s degree in education, I decided to home-school my kids full-time. (I don’t know whose idea that was)

The average cost of Christian Private school is around 12 thousand dollars in America.

So if I homeschool my kids all the way up from kindergarten to 12th grade at home, I will be saving my family, $432,000

So all of that, add up all the fees and all that stuff I am. I’m saving my family and average of in the course of my kids lifetime $888,000 for me to stay home and home school my kids.

Of course- not including night shift, being a taxi cab, being a home Chef, being a personal shopper, and all those things that go into being a mom.

Share this with other moms that need some encouragement.

You all are invaluable and amazing and just kicking butt out there and love y’all



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