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How to catch common small business scams and how to protect yourself

You might be new to starting a business or you might have been in business for a decade, believe me, you WILL receive a fishy email, text or call that will look or feel real- but it all a con to get your money.

Just this week- after starting our third LLC, we relieved a letter stating “Pay $75 now and receive an official certificate of good standing and proof of existance.”

This was NOT a letter from the state of Virginia, so I immediately ignored it- but unfortunately, I have gotten calls about business owners so have paid money for these.



Just this week for one of my clients- they received a mysterious email from a company wanting us to put a link from their website into our blog because of “copyright issues” ... but they didn’t have a phone number or email for us to contact their legal team to ask questions about it.



At least once a week, I get a text or an email from someone wanting services, asking if I take credit card...


How do you protect yourself as a business owner?



I’ve heard of models in photography groups getting hurt for meeting “photographers” in shady spots.

I’ve heard of photographer’s gear getting stolen at a “Photoshoot”


What are some practical steps to take?

  • Only answer phone calls if they leave a detailed message

  • Only take nail seriously if it’s from YOUR bank, your state or your government

  • Never send money over the mail to a company your not familiar with

  • Facetime with clients before even meeting with them

  • Don’t give money or an email ... only use official forms or deposits

  • Take deposits -no money, no service.

  • Have contracts in writing and only work with those that fill out paperwork properly.

  • Meet in public spaces.

  • Only do work for people you know and trust through mutual friends.

  • Bring a friend or a chaperone.

  • Don’t go meet after dark.

  • Do research on your client before working with them- check them out- have them fill out a survey or interview them.

  • Don’t engage or answer people that randomly DM you or email you from online unless you pre-check them out and you know them through a friend.



There are so many scams/ negative people out there that want to take advantage of your business and money!

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