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How to start an ambassador program to market your business 101

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

One of the best things you can do is get an ambassador program.

Now, I've been talking about this a lot and then I got a DM this week.

“how do I do this? Practically?”

Okay. First of all, you need to find the right people.

So start making a landing page, get what the requirements are what you're looking for-their Instagram page, for their content, how many influencers, how many followers they have.

Make it really clear, what type of person that you're looking for.

Try to do a past client- somebody that loves you- Loves your services, loves your style.

In the contract process-do the program for a certain amount of time for a certain amount of kick back.

For example; every person they get signed up, they get:

  • a little special Amazon card,

  • a coupon code they can put on their Link in BIO,

  • maybe some of your services discounted,

Have them go for a specific time, like senior season, or wedding season or babies, or whatever- If you're a photographer.

If you are a service provider - do it for Black Friday season for into Christmas, that kind of thing.

So you're going looking for influential people that have good social media followers, that love to be on camera, love to talk about your business and love to get freebies.

Okay, so you're looking for those types of people. So people that are online a lot, love to talk online, love to make,tik toks-  and Instagram videos.

Have them post about their daily life- about how they're using your services and things that you do. Have them post about  things they've learned from you and their daily life to get more people to buy your services.

Especially if you're in the health and wellness field- you want past clients, if you want past people that have lost weight through you, they have been coached by you- maybe their life has been changed by you.

These are the people that you can reach out to and at tart getting a little Kickback from.

Try to have minimum 2-5 ambassadors that are just trickling your Praises throughout social media.

Make it in their contract that they have to make at least two to three posts about you a week.

Whether that be like a behind-the-scenes story and TikTok or other video content.

The media manager, the marketing media manager is going to be given like the Branded Graphics so that they can look professional online.

You need people like that to sing your Praises.

If you are a makeup brand or a jewelry brand, try to get some of these influencers under you that can work and do content for you for Kickbacks for freebies, for coupon codes, products, for membership benefits for Amazon gift cards stuff.

It’s really that simple.

Those are the type of people that are going to get their friends and their marketing groups and to be many marketers for your business.

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