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“I don’t have a Pinterest perfect house or a life to home school”

Think you can’t homeschool because you don’t have the picture-perfect Pinteresty home filled with expensive and curated furniture, curriculum that costs 2,000$ and kids dressed like they are from “Sound Of Music?”


We’ve been doing it for 7 years! It’s chaotic, messy, sticky and overwhelming sometimes.

Tables are constantly filled with projects. Shoes are constantly muddy. Rooms are constantly piled with books.

Dollar Tree is our second home. Car conversations about current events are some of the highlights of our day.

We live at Barnes and Noble. The Local thrift store clerk knows us by name.

But are we doing it together? Yes! Are we stronger as a family? Yes!

People ask us how long we will do it. There is no finish line- because the relationship and learning that we do is a lifetime process.

We are not just getting them through grades, we are training the next generation of learners and champions.

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