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My 7 year old can’t read yet and I’m not worried- here’s why. - homeschool tips

Some might say-  my seven-year-old (who doesn't know how to read yet) is behind…  I am telling you as a homeschool mom for the past ten plus years-Why he's not!

We have books all the time in the house.

We go to Barnes & Noble couple times a week.

We go to the library couple of times a week.

He comes home with 30 to 40 books.

Yes, they're mostly picture books, and graphic novels- but I'm fostering that love of learning and fostering that love of reading at home.

We do read alouds every single night.

His brother and sister were also taught by me how to read and they they just are voracious readers!

They are into big series and chapter books.

So he's around literature and just has this love of reading and books.

We have book everywhere- even in the car.

Did I spend an expensive curriculum to how to teach him to read? No. And I'll tell you why.

With my first kid we did by several special curriculums and apps to teach her to read- to make sure she was reading by certain age.  The result  was frustration level.

It didn't work.

The only thing that worked was letting them asked me to teach them how to read.  Having them say, “how do I do this?”

I love seeing them get excited about it!

I love seeing them ask,”If I read this book, can I earn a special thing?”

“Can I order special video game?”

“Can I have a checklist to learn how to do this?”

“Can I join this reading challenge?”

They end up  approaching me about doing those things and not me pushing it on them.

So if your kid is behind on reading, please just Foster the love of literature in the home. Go to libraries, go to Book Fairs, and if you can go to thrift stores, buy as many books as you can. Have literature surrounding their life.

I promise the love of learning will be there.

The love of reading will be there whether or not the school system, recognizes it as an actual grade level doesn't even matter.

This is why it’s a blessing to home school.

Because again, the point of education is to have a lifelong love of learning and not be pigeonholed into a grade level.

That’s my philosophy.

I Would love to hear you guys.

How you teach your kids how to read?

What are your literature practices at home?comment below!


Hello! I’m Christal Marshall homeschool Mama of three!

📕been doing homeschooling it for ten plus years.

We would love for you to hop on website for more info and free resources!

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