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My 8-10$ website hack

Looking to get a website but don’t feel like you want to dish out 200-600 minimum per year to get one?

Is it really worth having? Do clients even care about your online presence looking good? Is having no website going to affect your sales?

First of all- having a place online is more affordable than you think!

Yes, it DOES matter to have a professional looking central spot to guide clients to receiving your amazing services without them getting overwhelmed looking forward info on your IG or FB page.

But NO, websites starting out shouldn’t cost you the cost of a lens or camera!

Remember, as a photographer, you also need to think about a passive income stream through selling digital, prints, canvases and more!

To do both functions, I recommend using (free to start off and have a website!)

Start an account and start dragging and drooping some simple content and how people can get in contact with you.

Remember, you gave about 45 seconds to a minute before they jump out- so haven them come I to your site with a strategy- show what you do, why you do it, what makes you different and how they can contact you!

After you set up a pixieset site, go to to buy a cheap domain

Change the DNS records to point to your pixieset site

Now, you have a beautiful, branded and cheap website!

See my student Memories by Mylia and how she did her site with this method:

you can also find it at

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