My favorite editing lightroom classic tools

See this little video tutorial on my favorite lightroom classic tricks. Watch me edit and color correct some real images shot in my studio...

Since I do such a large volume of shooting and editing, (especially when I was shooting 30+ events/ weddings and products/ workshops a year) I have to create systems to edit quickly and have a workflow that I can

>create custom presets so that I can save time, and find them later for reedits (and saves money)

use quick keys like Ctrl+A (select all) Ctrl+C for copying and right clicking for more options like "make a copy" "reset" and "paste all settings"

>I am NOT a retoucher and clients HAVE to pay extra for those extra services and I have NEVER had a client not be happy with my work because I don't make them look 50 pounds lighter and NO wrinkles. People understand my style and I have never begged for work for 11 years over editing questions

I have to be a fast editor, I have three kids and I homeschool and I have always had to do multiple things as once... so I DON'T have time to do extensive edits.

This editing style might not be for you- but my work flow has gotten me through 55+ weddings, THOUSANDS of other shoots and clients through the years PLUS I can find everything, I am organized and able to deliver quality images in a very fast turnaround- and THIS is the NUMBER ONE most positive comment from through the years.

For MY work, this is what works for me- you have to find what works for your business, your time constraints and your style.


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