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My favorite lazy extra photographer, income, with no extra editing required

Looking for a great secondary income as a photographer ?

I'm going to tell you my favorite thing that I figured out couple years ago love it -

my traveling photobooth already uses the same gear that I already have

I already use the same lighting  and the same photo knowledge.

The same marketing skills i already have and the same backdrops. Everything is the same.

I just purchased a printer DNP, (see the link here:

super fast for my events and I have a computer, a laptop that runs DSLR Booth.

I'm able to just come set it up, run the program leave after Two hours, no extra editing involved.

I'm able to show up with my kids. They can run it with me and make some income on the side and I'm not working super, super late, because people pay per hour so they want to get in and get out have fun at the booth, and then get out without having to go till 2:00 3:00 in the morning.

Stay up late- which is what my wedding photo and video job was for 6-7 years.

Hopefully that helps guys, let me know in the comments. You have any other ideas for secondary income, sources for photographers.

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