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My story

We were homeless- living in one room of a friends’ house when i picked up my first camera-

I put my 6 month old in a backpack and shot sessions with her on my back for my first few months. We have never paid for child care so I’ve had to take my kids with me on sessions and weddings for years.

I didn’t even have a studio until year 7- and now i shoot out of a converted garage space- it’s not perfect- but it’s all I have- but every day I choose go get up, learn from the situation and decide to keep pushing and keep learning!

Over 70 publications- with features on CBN, WTKR and winners of “Best portrait and wedding photography” by for VA Beach and Chesapeake literally has nothing to do with gear or knowledge- many weddings and sessions with just a 50mm and no flash WHILE breastfeeding three children while shooting for 5 years- it has everything to do with passion, customer service and my clients snd word-of-mouth and literally NOTHING to do with any actual training or degree (I’m a 100% self taught)

We have literally worked with everyone- interviewing homeless people, shooting mayors, documenting the love stories between two drag queens, capturing someone’s first breath and last breath.

In it all- there has been failure, laughter, fun, lessons learned and everything in between.

Don’t think you know enough? Just start learning. Don’t think you have enough- work with what you have. Don’t think you can make reels and look good on camera? I have less than 2 minutes of footages of me working BTS with my face showing for 10 years and yet I can run a business.

There are always obstacles. I’ve had to build my business while homeschooling three kids and supporting our family while my husband worked for a non-profit for 7 years. There are always excuses- but I’m telling you that if I can do it- you can do it!

So hopefully I can use this forum to inspire, bring light and tell stories in the process!

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