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Never buypaper business cards again!

I’ve been in business for 10 years. I’ve done thousands of events, and met ALOT of clients over the years.

The one thing I always me when I network and market with people is a set of business cards- the ONE thing I never have on me!

I always remember to print them- I have Boxes and Boxes from Vistaprint - Business Cards - Full Color Printing - Digital Printing Company | Vistaprint piled in my house. But I never remember to pack them in my bag.

And when I do pack them in my bag, they get warped and faded looking after a while. Then when I try to get a business card to someone they are all bent-out-of-shape and the presentation has lost it’s luster.

I tried a bunch of different brands of digital business cards like Popl but this only worked if another person had the device as well- so that was $17 wasted

Then I tried Smart Card The Smart Card One™ - [Tap to Share] Smart Business Card - The Smart Card Co - A similar concept, but I found out that only people with iPhone 10 or 11 could use the software! (that leaves half of my older client base unable to access my info)

After two failed attempts I was unwilling to try a third company- but then I found a personalized digital card through TAPPY

And I was blown away by the ease of use. My husband who has an old iPhone 6 was able to access all my information.

To personalize the card- I got a sample pack of stickers from sticker mule Sticker Mule | Custom stickers that kick ass that were 1 inch big- to fit perfectly over my card.

Now when I meet with a client and they want my information- I am able to pull out this really sleek and sexy mobile business card- that as soon as their camera app sees my unique QR code they are taken directly to a landing page that gives them all of my information and phone number.

What are some other ways that you connect with clients and use the digital age to market yourself?

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