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Today is page One out of a 365 page story that you will write each day of this new year.

Make it a good one. Get up every single day and make small and feasible goals.

Rest and then rise refreshed.

Hug often, love better and make the effort to be present.

Say “I Love You” more.

Become a stronger and kinder person.

Don’t look back to the past, but hope for the future.

Expect the best out of people.

Listen more, speak less.

Be slow to anger, quick to listen and quick to love.

Use your gifts and talents to make the world a more beautiful place.

Every day, start fresh and new.

Expect mistakes to happen, give grace to yourself when they do. Give extra grace to others when they have mistakes.

Make allowance for imperfections- in yourself and others.

Learn how to roll-with-the-punches. if the door keeps closing in your face, learn how to bust out the side window.

Get used to being a pioneer. Get used to living outside-the-box. Get used to not having a step-by-step plan with every single decision.

Then when you get to page 365 of the end of this year, you will feel accomplished, satisfied and ready to take on new challenges.

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