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Photographers, stop destroying nature with your confetti/balloon release photos. Here’s some better ideas instead.

Friendly reminder from a photographer who's been in business for 13 years.

Do not do photo shoots like this.

❌No sending confetti - it doesn't matter if it says “Eco friendly”

on the package- a lot of them are not!

you have to really read!

❌ putting smoke bombs. I know a lot of people like doing this but there's a lot of chemicals that can go in the air especially around kids.


lot of people can have asthma attacks on set.

❌sending up balloons  is a major. “No, no” especially me being in a Beach town.

You need to really be aware of Nature, all the animals and destruction of property need I go on?

✅So if you want these looks there's Photoshop AI generated images that you can do - which is what I've been doing for years, even before all the AI stuff.

I would literally pull PNG files from online commercial free PNG file sites and drop them into my images.

✅you can do it in a controlled Studio setting like in your garage in your house.

So that way you can clean up and no problem with nature there.

✅You can use a green screen- have the people appear to be in some type of nature setting but then you have the ability to cut them out

✅  we can help save the environment if we work together

📣We don't want to destroy nature.

So if you have any other questions, make sure you comment below -we would love to see what you guys are shooting and much love guys. Stay creative.

💪❤️Checkout or award-winning imagery, that we’ve been serving businesses and families for over a decade in Hampton Roads!


to see more about our booking  info!

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