Photographers: Time to get your workflow and processes together!

It’s a new year!

We as photographers really have to get our business together and tighten up on our processes and skeleton in order to get residual income, make a sustainable business model that will last longer than a year, and create workflows and systems to get clients a very clear set of expectations! Ultimately you can be professional looking and charge what you’re worth.

Photographers! Time to get your processes and workflow together and look pro online!

Need help setting up a contract system and deposits? Here is my favorite free resource that has tons of photography templates, legal wording, waivers and other awesome affordable options for creatives:

Make sure you put on there every single thing that you need them to know. Upload a photo of some possible outfits that they can wear, less your fees and fines were coming late, what is your radius of shooting areas so that they can only choose from those unless they want to pay a gas fee. Say how many images are actually included in the shoot or what digital downloads are included in their package.

Need an affordable website? Here is the link below to my blog on how to set up a pixie set website and connect it to for like eight dollars!

Pixieset is also a great resource for professional image delivery through downloads or creating a online print store that people have to buy from you to receive any other images.

I’ve been using them for 8 to 9 years and it has really changed my workflow dramatically. A lot of my students still deliver through text messaging or through email, I would greatly try to get your business to look more professional with image delivery!

Need to learn how to edit faster on Lightroom classic? I’m going to be linking my favorite videos that I always share with my coaching students about how to edit multiple images all at one time!