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Posting to social media should not be your only marketing strategy

Posting to social media as your only marketing strategy will leave you burn out, looking for more followers and signing up for every robot Instagram post to buy followers!

Social Media is just one of the many spokes on the marketing wheels that you need to know!

Some spokes that have really helped me in my business of almost 12 years- meeting people face-to-face in a workshop environment, marketing meet ups, having boots at showcases or even at my own church or sports group.

Setting up a Photobooth at Events is always a really fun way to interact with clients, especially if it’s a free photo booth with an app!

Passing out physical business cards still has a place especially if you’re doing events or meeting people! (get a QR code for free by looking on this post) h

Get a T-shirt with your business name on it and wear it practically everywhere- see one of my favorite posts here:

Word-of-mouth with people that you know through groups, parties, Facebook groups and other neighbor apps will really help your business grow.

Put your business on “google my business” for free- keep in page updated!

Finding other business people that you can team up and do creative projects with, get interviewed on their podcasts or go live on their social media pages are great ways to get noticed!

Have a constant stream of people that own different types of businesses in your network group so that you can help them and they can help you! One of my favorite ways to team up as a photographer was to get a hair and makeup person, a florist, a cake person, a nail person, a decorator and all sorts of other people on my team that we can help each other out!

If you do wanna boost posts then there is a place for that but you do run the risk of wasting your money- make sure you are taking classes and doing workshops for these before you get a ton of ads out there!

Any other ways that you guys have found out to get your name out there in your business?

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