Questions to ask yourself before buying a new laptop for Graphic design, photo or video editing

Want to get a high-performance laptop for your photo/video or graphic's business? Want the portability of a laptop, but a workhorse of a device to put all of your projects on?

If you are shopping around for a laptop, there are some questions that you need to answer first before spending several thousand on a computer and it doesn't work for your needs.

Am I a Mac or a PC person?

This is a very important question. I am personally a PC person but for work sometimes I use Macs and my editing time greatly slows down because I have to relearn everything. Also all of my presets, my fonts and my Adobe creative elements are all in PC format. So I would have to convert them all over or get new ones if I ever switch.

How durable do I need this laptop?

If it’s going to sit on a desk mostly and not travel between shoots or gigs then having something tablet size, detachable or even touchscreen might be an option for you

But if you’re rough like me on here than getting some thing that could take a punch might be a good idea

What am I gonna use this laptop for?

If I’m gonna be doing heavy wedding films or longer jobs every single night that I’m rendering 10 to 20 minute videos - then getting some thing with a lot of storage space and RAM might be a good idea.

I like to get 16 gigs of RAM or higher. And I love solid-state hard drive‘s (SSD) because they don’t spin and are less likely to fail.

What programs am I gonna run on it?

if you’re like me, Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and Premier running pretty much every single night sometimes all at the same time. So I’m gonna need lots of storage space that can handle all the hefty programs. So getting 1TB minimum on space would be preferable.

That also means I’m gonna need a really good graphics card and a good processor- like i7’s or similar.

What are some other bonus features that would help me with my jobs?

personally I love having a really big screen so that way when I’m tethering or talking to clients we don’t have to squint to look at things. I also work very late at night so I need to have a nice big screen so that I can put all of my programs up and ready to use.

I also prefer having an ergonomic feel because I am working very late and I really need to have something that’s comfortable and easy to sit with.

Since I am a graphic designer I think having a touchscreen and a stylus would be very helpful as well.

So how much should I save up for?

Most of the laptops that I looked at were going from at least $1000-$3000.

Getting a desktop is usually a little bit more affordable but since I’m on the road a lot and travel between jobs, having a laptop is the best for that situation.