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Red flags to look out for as a business owner when you get a potential inquiry

Not every inquiry is a legit-client!

❌if they are using language like “ do you take credit card payment?”

❌ wasting your time with very detailed questions early on

❌ maybe they contact you about a hot-trendy item service-so would be easy to answer them about it

❌ if you can’t get them to fill out an inquiry form that has all the answers to other questions then that’s a major red flag

✅ unfortunately small business owners are a big target since we like to answer and please every single person!

✅ have boundaries and have a way to intake people early on on a system that works for you like having them sign a blank form, having them fill out an inquiry -having them pay a deposit-scammers will smarten up real quick if they have to pay money

📣 have you seen any other red flags? Let me hear about them!

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