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Start your year off strong with 30 social media ideas to get your clients talking

30 days of social media posting ideas

Need help knowing what to post and when? Super overwhelmed by having to post very day?

We got you.

It’s always hard to get ideas about promoting your business over and over again.

So here is 30 days of ideas- plus a guide to some really cool res purses to get you started! .

Day one:

Do a giveaway A shirt, a sticker, an ebook, a pdf file, a free consult, a gift card... just some ideas to get you started!

Day two:

your vision, your failures- your successes- anything personal


day three:

How you started the business. Your story and heart will connect with so many people.

Day four:

How to video Use your phone, talk about a quick five minute tip or trick - how to use your product- how to make _____ Use IG stories to track your progress.Use a good ring light: to get you some good lighting

Day five:

Get a screen shot of a google review or use an instagram repost app for free to literally repost some fans content!

Day 6: post your last product or work. Talk about your latest coupon codes, your latest sales or specials

Day 7:

Behind the scenes photo or video on stories or on your feed. Show your client what you do!

Day 8 Inspirational quotes

Use the “motivation app” that’s free- to get some really great and free quotes!

Day 9 Video testimony

from a clientTestimonies are essential for gaining trust in clients. Reach out to clients to give you some great feedback or how- to videos.

Day 10

Even if it’s not a holiday, you can always celebrate a random holiday or even make up a fun random holiday

Day 11 Fun fact

tell something really interesting about your product or service and a lot of people know about. Like what it’s made of, where it gets sent to you for manufacturing, how many people use your products, or even what you used to do before things got fancy

Day 12 Post about the latest news or announcement.

You can talk about your latest coupon codes, the latest sales, holiday specials or more

Day 13 Contests

Do a contest for the most likes on an Image’s or something similar

Day 14 Question

They don’t have to even be super serious or deep It can just be something like “what’s your favorite pizza topping?”

Day 15 Poll

use Instagram stories or Facebook poll to create some really fun Poll about something

Day 16 Ask a fill in the __________ question

like:on Fridays I relax by doing _______You’ll see some engagement for sure!

Day 17 What is your favorite thing about your job?

What’s your favorite thing about being entrepreneur?

Day 18
Talk about your favorite client memory or story.

Maybe talk about how one of your clients has really help to you or change the way that you do business.