The Importance of creating a small biz client base off of social media

What would you do if SUDDENLY, Facebook, Instagram, What'sApp and other Facebook family apps just disappeared with NO warning?

October 4, 2021- this very thing happened.

The New York times reported outages worldwide over the world's top social media apps.

And it left me to wonder how many creative businesses like photographers, videographers, small business creators rely on 100% marketing through these apps.

What would happen to our businesses if social media went away indefinitely?

How could we reach clients? Text them personally? Email them for bookings?

Social Media is great for discovering new leads and getting new clients, but we NEED to have a secondary way to keep client info and be able to touch base and get the word out about our services without social media to keep the data.

If there is another instance of a global shut down of all social media, then us as business owner are in a tight place!

Start gathering your email list. Have all bookings and inquiries go through another app, service or software then keeping them on facebook/ IG messenger.

Even texting and GMAIL is not secure, unless you are backing up your files, your messages and your emails in case of a phone mishap.