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The sacrifice and lifestyle of homeschooling

What’s the best way to start the year? Spending time as a family and making things of course

Homeschooling is more then just opening up the computer to our latest lesson. It’s about making life experience’s a time to talk about nature, making good choices, seeing our community, creating new things and building stuff together.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle- it determines what we listen to, what we watch, what we read. No moment is wasted. Chores are life skills. Car trips are discovery channel or book time. Playing outdoor is PE. Building a sculpture out of blocks is art and engineering.

All of our life is intertwined with making moments teachable moments.

Most parents spend 10 minutes a day with their kids- we spend 10 hours. There are no breaks. It’s sun-up to sun-down.

It might look glamorous- but there is so much sacrifice involved. We’ve sold cars to homeschool. Live in people’s basement’s to save money. Hustle two or three businesses to make money. We’ve gone on government assistance just to provide basic groceries. We shop at thrift stores. We NEVER eat out. We never shop brand names. All toys are from yard sales and goodwill.

Believe me- it’s a sacrifice. But so worth it.

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