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The story behind these photos

It was 2020, my husband was unemployed- I was homeschooling three kids and literally trying to put food on the table!

So I partnered with @tessamorgancreations to shot for her weekly- creating ad campaigns out of my very house textures, tables, plates- that helped her business- but also gave us food to eat.

Even though I couldn’t leave my house- all my other wedding and portrait jobs were canceled- I had to create.

My house turned into a giant food station studio- I started collecting plates from the thrift store- props, oils, seasonings- we made messes weekly all over the house- but our kids were able to eat.

We were so honored that this year @gigsalad voted us top food photographers in Virginia beach for our efforts.

Sometimes you have to think out of the box during a season in life where you can’t figure out the next season. Just create where you are now- use what you have now!

Stop thinking that your creativity is limited- stop seeing the obstacles and thinking- “Well I guess my dreams are over.”

Pause, re-shift- but never stop.

During that same time of unemployment- we started an Instagram for a tiny wagon that my husband @nomadearthdesign started to build- now he has 8 orders for them across the country. We started his handy man business @handyandyfixes as well- and we now have 6 subcontractors under his company umbrella-

So when life seems like a dead-end- find another way- don’t give up!

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