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Do’s and Dont’s of marketing yourself - tips for non designers PLUS inspirational images

Wanting to design your own marketing content using g software like canva, go daddy, spark or other apps?

Don‘t go crazy on do EVERYTHING, better to be simple, leave lots of space, choose fonts and that compliment and more!

Here is a sample logo where color scheme is a little bright for our fictitious client. The lines might be hard to see on shirts, and other apparel.

I would prefer ”Cleo”as an accent color or font for a simple change.

This one is a little extreme. No clear color palette, fonts are all mixed up and it’s far too busy. It screams low-end clip art design

This one is a little better, but the paint is going to make it hard to read the message without a border or lowering the opacity down.

Three fonts are too much. You need to have one accent font, and another contrasting font. If you want to have a third font, make sure it’s very similar to a simple font.


Let’s look at some things I like with examples.

Simple fonts, simple colors and easy to read

Color scheme matching the branding

Lots of space and minimal in style

Color scheme is very clean. Only a few colors are used - neutral/white- dark/accent

Let’s see some cool images that you can save, pin and use for your own inspiration

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