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Use this National Geographic Mind Trick before pricing your Small Business Services

The kids and I are watching a National Geographic about how the mind works. And a lot of this is related to marketing and like the Mind Tricks that marketers use to get people to buy stuff. So then this one episode we were talking about a baker that comes out and he has a stand and says, “Hey want to try my cake? I have a fifteen dollar cake and I have a 55 dollar cake and just tell me what you think, I'm opening up a bakery, I want some real feedback.” So everybody went to the 15 Dollar cake and said “it's dry.” “It’s terrible” but then they went to the 55 dollar cake and they're like, “this is amazing.” “It's so creamy. It's so rich.” Come to find out- They were both the exact same cake. It was just the perception of luxury and you know, “organic” ingredients and “made by hand” and all this stuff. And so this goes into pricing for your business. This is why I am tired of hearing people say. Well, I'm I'm scared To price too much and people aren't going to buy my services guys. It's all about bringing that luxury mentality into your brand. If you're that, Cheapo type brand- people are going to nitpick over every single thing that you do. But if you consider yourself a luxury item that's made by hand and all this stuff and you just over sell your services. People are already going to be like, “wow, this is amazing.” “It was so worth it” “I love it. “ So you would think it's like reverse psychology- you would think that it would actually be like they would want the fifteen dollar cake because it was more affordable. But actually they start nitpicking over every single thing. But the 55 dollar cake, you would think that nobody would want that because of the out of their price range, but it was actually opposite. So there you go. When you're pricing your services, think like that, and I would love to hear in the comments, how you price yourselves and what your mentality is for Pricing your services. --

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