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Welcome to my sanctuary of lost and found

Welcome to My Sanctuary of Lost and Found reclaimed items that I have brought to New Life in my garage Studio, my backyard.

And we are just so grateful and thankful for you all for renting for supporting our work.

that all of this honestly came out of depression and darkness and the loss of their second child and I needed a creative Outlet to help others and to reach out and to build and to keep my mind off of Just mental health.

All this started out of 2020- A lot of Studios were closing their doors to other photographers. And so, we literally poured our heart and soul into creating a safe and wonderful space for photographers at all levels.

Through our proceeds of this little Studio space. We were able to donate free sessions discounted, sessions money, to single mothers to provide Christmas presents for them and Thanksgiving meals.

And so many other wonderful organizations. We donated our photo booth countless times and we just love you guys so much and thank you.

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