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What is it like to be a homeschool family?

It’s crazy town. A kid doing a craft in the corner, a kid washing dishes in the kitchen, another kid doing math on the couch- we are constantly cleaning, constantly creating and constantly loud.

It’s not about perfection- it’s about progression. Sometimes we get through work, and sometimes, we spend all day outside.

Grocery stores are places of talking about food groups and meal planning.

Car trips are for watching the discovery channel on YouTube and talking about the physics of figure skating.

Libraries are our second home. There are legos EVERYWHERE.

So if you don’t like a continually messy house, saving money by shopping at goodwill, no personal space, no quiet, and no alone time for your whole life- then homeschooling is not for you.

You have to sacrifice so much- your career, your prospects for jobs, your time.

But that’s what we believe we are called to do- get in the mess, get our hands dirty, teach through daily walking through every step together. Teach through example and live our lives like we would want our kids to live- filled with love, constantly striving, creative and filled with forgiveness.

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