What Lenses do I Need Starting Out?

Don't know what to buy when you are first starting off of your photographer journey?

There are so many different choices depending on what you want to shoot.

When you are starting out, always make sure that you get a 35mm 1.8 or a 50mm 1.8 for general purpose or portrait photography since they are fast, fairly inexpensive and great in low-light situations.

If you want to shoot architecture, real estate, buildings or cityscapes, then getting a wide-angle lens is going to be your best choice.

They tend to bloat or distort the image, so it's a NO NO to use these type of lenses for a portrait shoot or headshot.

Wide Angle Lens for Nikon


Wide Angle Lens Sigma


Wide Angle Canon Lens


If you want a great little walk-around lens for general-purpose photography, street photography or even vacations, this is my favorite angle on a crop sensor camera. Using this type of lens will act as a 50mm on your Canon Rebel or Nikon 3200

35mm Nikon lens