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what to do as a professional photographer if your client asks for re-edits

What to do if One of your clients asks for re-editing -

one, you should already have it in the language of your contract- What is, including, what's not included the cost of edits cost of re-editing-Whatever, whatever.

Secondly, you can tell them, “Hey these are my edits. This is my art if I'm going to re-edit and do it to your liking, then it's going to be a cost of my time, a cost of retouching” and if you Outsource editing that might be a cost to them.

So that might discourage them by doing that and saying that because your time is money and your time and sitting there again to do it for another 2-3 hours, do all this stuff that's time out of your family and time out of your


So just be aware that if people ask for re-edits have it already stated in the contract of What's included.

Keep your boundaries

12 years of doing this with teach me that free and cheap People are going to ask you to do this but higher price, people are going to respect your time and respect your artistry.

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