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Which social media app is the best for my small business?

There are so many ways to connect to people online!

from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to TikTok- which is best for you?

my favorite trick that I like to tell the students to ask me for mentoring, is to use consistently the social media platform that you interact with the most!

There’s no way that anybody has time to interact eight hours a day split between all of the major social media platforms to grow their business- most small business owners also have lives and kids so therefore they only have around 20 to 30 minutes a day to interact on social media!

it is better to be showing up daily at the same time consistently then to pop in and out- The more that you engage the more the algorithm pushes your content to the front!

The more you share about yourself in your personal life on the platform that you choose, the more people will trust you and wanna work with you!

I’m literally filming my entire life, from shopping for props, to going to Home Depot with my husband, what I eat for breakfast, my homeschooling adventures and more- so when I go to post at 6:30 in the morning at the treadmill at the gym or on my daily walk- I already have content made and I don’t need to think about it!

I’m able to post to all four of my business Instagram and Facebook accounts within 30 minutes daily!

We tried TikTok for a while but it was actually were stopping at my workflow since none of my copy and paste methods actually work to save time- so I stopped the app altogether!

It was better for me to focus on what I did well then have to be all over the place!

Because most of our contacts come from people around us in the local community, our church, our music organizations in our homeschool groups, we find 90% of our leads off of Facebook groups, marketplace and our social media there!

If you seem to be interacting on TikTok a lot and finding people of interest in your local area, then concentrate there daily!

If you were finding people on Instagram that are really interacting and sharing your stuff - then put your efforts there!


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