10 mistakes every beginning photographer makes

10 mistakes every beginning photographer makes

Not charge enough

Just because you’re just starting out doesn’t mean you have to charge $20 a session.

Really make sure that you do a cost calculator how much you’re going to have to make per session before you start charging low Baller rates that will attract little Baller clients

Over edit

Just because you can do all sorts of crazy stuff in Photoshop doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

It’s better to have things clear and clean then have pictures edited according to a particular fad.

Not focused on an ideal client base

Make sure you really understand what type of client you want to come to you. Are they newly married? Do they have young children? Are they young entrepreneurs?

It’s better to have a focus in marketing then be all over the place.

Buy too much equipment too soon

Camera and gear can get really expensive really fast.

Will you make sure that you just have the bare-bones essentials while you’re first starting out before you get 20 lenses and three camera bodies.

Take on jobs before the education and foundation is there

You might get asked to do all sorts of jobs at hotels, barns, and difficult lighting situations

Really make sure that you have the basics and your lighting knowledge down before you say yes to any of those projects.

Build your clientele without a system of gathering information and marketing

Make sure you’re capturing peoples information like address, phone number and model releases for all your clients.

You really want to start building that email or contact base early on.