9 ways to crush your small business marketing in 2022

I can tell you that there is no secret formula for running a successful- there is no magic pill for creating a sustainable model that can grow through each season of life.

Growing a business from nothing takes patience, strategy and knowledge to know what to do when times get rough, how to get through humps with ease, patience to stand by your vision when you can't see the final outcome and more.

After 10 years of consulting and now running 4 businesses, I can tell you some of my secrets of marketing, social media, websites and more that can help even the newest of newbie business owner have the tools to see how to get out there in a world drenched with thousands of people that do what you do.

How to find more clients-

This topic is probably the number one thing that I talk about a lot with my students- how to get your name out there without paying for ads or keywords and just do it with a shoe-string budget.

It's all about getting seen in a lot of different places and spaces consistently.


How to grow your account organically?

Social media- and getting your message out professionally and regularly is a skill that needs to be practices, taken the time to plan and a lot of trial and error.

See some of my skill here after managing 14 different business accounts and being a professional social media manager during the COVID shutdown and how I was about to grow there accounts and businesses during that time.